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Walk to Ventura Beach!

Brsia29 Ventura Townhouse Aerial View
Brsia29 Aerial View

When you buy a townhouse at Brisa29, you will enjoy the convenience of living 1/2 mile from the beach. If you take a short walk or bike ride to the beach, on the intersection of Sanjon Rd. and E Harbor Blvd., there is a walking/bike path that will you can take to the Ventura Pier. The Ventura Pier is 1 mile from Brisa29.  

Click Here for Google Map Walk/Bike Path (Sanjon Rd & E Harbor Blvd.)

Brisa29 Ventura Townhouses Aerial View with the Ventura Pier
Brisa29 Aerial View with the Ventura Pier

The Ventura Pier is a great place to relax, people watch, surf, or just hang-out by the beach. From Ventura Pier, you can walk 1/2 mile to downtown Ventura, where you will find shopping and restaurants. Brisa29 sales should be starting in early 2020.

Downtown Ventura
Downtown Ventura

Brisa29 Construction Update:

Currently, we finished the rough grading, and we added geo piers to support the semi-subterranean parking. Brisa29 will have 19 townhouses on top of the garage, and 3 townhouses attached to the garage. Brisa29 will also have 7 townhouses that are either in a duplex or tri-plex. We are now finishing up the fine grading for the garage area so we can start building the garage.  

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